Broken Record

I’ll bet you can guess what I’m going to say: I’m not looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow. I ate more cake than I care to mention. I waited until my stepmother left and dug in.

I have gotten the feeling, before, that she, like my mother, disapproves of how much I eat. She may have actually said something once or twice. But also, looks I swear I get from her. Not looks of concern or even pity, but sheer disapproval.

Nobody looks at Derek that way. He’s the heartiest eater in the family. It’s because I’m noticeably overweight and he isn’t. And because I’m female and thus automatically expected to control myself at the table. It’s so unfair.

I have a physical on the 26th. I’m going to ask about a referral to a nutritionist. It’s helped before.

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