How’d My Plan Go?

Well, not as expected. I made peanut butter mousse with the Cool Whip and some peanut butter powder, and ate it all. Then I took a fudge round to bed with me.

Could it have been worse? Definitely. It could’ve been multiple fudge rounds (it often is). It could’ve been ice cream bars and brownies.

So although I wasn’t exactly successful, I wouldn’t say I totally failed, either.

Maybe I should allow myself that one fudge round a day. That would have to be it, though. They pack a hefty punch in terms of points. But maybe then I wouldn’t feel deprived. Is one fudge round a day going to make a difference? It would be better than nightly binges. Will have to think about this.

One thought on “How’d My Plan Go?”

  1. Read the Food part of my Sylvester Stallone book. He has some decent ideas for healthy eating that allow for indulgences.


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