No Meds

Say a little prayer for me today, friends, or ask the universe. Whatever you believe in is alright with me.

I never packed my emergency supply for when I inevitably forget. Stupid, stupid, lazy me.

So far I’m okay, but we’ll see as the day wears on.

We’re still down. And it’s just me today. So far it’s been okay, the guys have been helpful. Figuring out the paperwork at the end of the day might be a problem.

I foolishly wore jeans today. I am sweltering in them. This place gets hot.

I just want to keep it together for the kids today, if nothing else. I don’t want them to see me like I was the day of my Uncle Bruce’s funeral last year. I always cried when my mother cried. They’re good, though. They give me hugs. Good kids. The best. ❤️

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