I’ve been reading old posts. I do that sometimes, if I’m looking for specific information. But I noticed that until very recently, I did have plenty of on-program days. Granted, some of them don’t show what happened after I wrote the post. But it’s just more evidence to me that I can do this.

I think I need to pay attention to my thoughts and emotions, like The Shift talks about, when I’m thinking about starting a binge. I know a lot of times my thoughts and emotions are self-defeating, like, “Who cares? I’m never going to reach my goal, anyway.” Or, believe it or not, “Nobody likes me.” Which I know is ridiculous. Or “I’ll start tomorrow,” which is big trouble for me.

It just goes to show you how irrational your thoughts and emotions can be. Nobody likes me?! That’s an old, old one that doesn’t even make sense anymore.

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