Yeeeeah, Soooo…

I didn’t post my numbers last night. On purpose. Too ashamed. I can tell you though, it was at least an 80-point day ☹️

I don’t think this plan will work, because I’m never going to post my bad days. I will have to think of something else.

It was a good day. I finished my boxes 40 minutes early. We don’t scan them in right away, though, because if they find out we’re finishing early, they’ll increase the minimum. They’ve already done it twice, I guess. Gone from 16 to 20 to 24.

It might be another bad night. I’m having eggplant parm and sweet potato fries from JP’s. Desmond really wanted JP’s, and he did a good job at the orthodontist.

I am so hungry. I’ve been trying to be reasonable about whatever else I eat because the eggplant will be high points. But it’s hard, because I’m starving.

I buy a lot fewer clothes than I did working at TJ Maxx. I still buy some clothes, but really only stuff I need.

I also shop a lot less when I’m heavier. I just don’t enjoy it as much.

I do have 2 1/2 pairs of steel toed shoes, though (2 1/2 because the third pair are on the way).

Maybe I should just write when I feel hungry. That would at least delay me from potentially overeating.

I wish it wasn’t so hard. There are times when it’s so easy! Why can’t this be one of them?

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