Lunch at 2:00

Hello, friends. I’m just now eating. I got behind on my boxes today. One thing was we had hearing screenings. Mine was normal.

I used to think I might have an auditory processing disorder, but I never got that full assessment. They did a whole battery of testing and didn’t find auditory, but did find the ADHD.

ADHD is just what they call it now. I’m not a talker, obviously, and wasn’t hyper growing up. I do have unfortunate fidgeting habits, though. But I think in the old days they would’ve called it ADD.

You can see where I bounce from topic to topic, thought to thought. I frequently lose my keys, used to lose my glasses all the damn time growing up. Difficulty focusing, and, yes, I’d be lying if I said time management has never been an issue. It’s probably why I don’t read as much as I should, too. I am way easily distracted. I can’t read and talk to people, do homework and listen to music, walk and chew gum—just kidding about the last one.

Well, I’m done eating. I’m going home.

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