Work went surprisingly well, given a complete lack of sleep. I made my 24 boxes, and Mike said I’m doing great. No tantrums were had by anyone today.

I ordered the best pair of jeans. Wallflower luscious curvy something or other. I’m not too modest to say that they look awesome on me. I will have to order new ones every time I go down a size LOL.

I haven’t done my points yet today, but it’s probably not great. I had a big bowl of Special K while I was unable to sleep last night. And some Fiber One brownies. At least I didn’t go totally off the rails, though. I ate until I stopped feeling hungry.

It’s going to be a loss this week. I will make it so. If I have to literally chase the laser pointer up the wall with the cats to sweat off calories, it’s going to be a loss.

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