Pants on Fire

I said two big posts. I know I did. What happened was I had one huge post: Desmond. It was two parts. I was going to split it into two posts, but I couldn’t figure out how to cut and paste blocks (paragraphs) into a new post. So I just cut the second part and haven’t rewritten it, yet.

But the second part was about where I was working while Desmond was born, and my estimation of what happened and, believe it or not, even after nine years, I’m still a little sensitive about it. So I don’t know if I’m ready to discuss it in a post.

But I didn’t want my post about Desmond to be about work, either, so I nixed that part of it.

I gained this week. I’m not surprised. Desmond’s party, all the night time snacking. I’m owning it. But I don’t want to get any heavier, have to be in yet another size, so I’m not going to, period. Next week will be a loss.

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