Drama Free Workplace? Not Today!

I ordered orange boxes from the men today, and Marc (a.k.a. Dark-Haired Guy) came out and said there were only cardboard. Later, Finn (Truckstache) came and told Sherrie there were orange boxes, so I ordered them again.

Marc came back over and told Sherrie there were only cardboard. Sherrie told Marc what Finn said, and Marc shouted, “Well he never told anyone who needs to know!” And stalked off. 15 minutes later, Marc came back with orange boxes, and shoved them at me. Then he disappeared on his tugger, laying on his horn.

Sherrie and I were laughing. Really, dude? “Don’t shoot the messenger!” Sherrie says.

I thought about telling Ray about his subordinate’s little temper tantrum, but I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Plus, Ray still doesn’t really talk to me much. That guy I thought was him smiling and nodding at me last week was just his slightly more cheerful doppelgänger—no, I’m serious, it was someone else with vaguely similar looks whom I mistook for Ray.

Maybe I need glasses. Heh heh, it’s funny because I already have glasses.

Anyway, I can no longer say there’s no drama at The Hutch. But at least it’s not boring.

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