We went on a little vacation to the Upper Valley for a couple of days. We stayed at Fireside Inn and Suites. It was nice; only thing I would’ve changed was having a window that let in some natural light. We had a window to the pool room and lots of lamps. But it was clean and had a nice big flat screen TV.

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away for a little while.

We went to Montshire Museum, drove around old neighborhoods, ate at Lui-Lui’s. The food there is outstanding.

We had a good time. Aislyn didn’t want to come home. I’m sitting with Shane now, he happy kitty.

I ate a lot, actually, being on vacation. I haven’t eaten a lot today, though. I had a good-sized breakfast, but a small lunch and dinner.

I’m legit hungry, though. My stomach’s making noises. If I eat anything else I’ll lose my blue dot for the day, unless I eat 0-point foods. And I don’t really want hard boiled eggs.

But I’ve got to do better this week. I can’t gain again.

Except for dinner, I haven’t stopped since we got home at 2ish, doing housework. I can count that as activity on the app. But all it does is take away some of the negative value I have on my weekly balance of points.

I wonder, actually, why it took so long. It was just laundry and unpacking. But a lot of laundry, I guess.

It’s nice to come home to a somewhat clean house. I’m glad I took the time to straighten up before we left on Sunday. But I still felt like I couldn’t relax and sit down until just about now.

Back to work tomorrow. I wonder if Mike put Dottie on our line these last couple of days. Hopefully he didn’t forget I was on vacation.

I wonder if them boys missed me lmao 😜. Yeah, right. “Who?” Ah, well.

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