Nothing, Really

I killed it at work today, 24 boxes with time to spare! That’s right, I took my lunch and everything, and I still had extra time.

I did not; however, kill it points-wise. I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m very sleepy. I’ve cut way back on coffee, that’s part of it. I’m going to continue to whittle it down on account of my blood pressure and some other reasons.

I’m trying to decide whether to wear a skirt Friday. It’s supposed to get up to 61, and it gets warm in there. My legs are all (and by all, I mean mostly) shaved, but they’re pale and I’m self-conscious.

I guess no one wears nylons anymore. I didn’t know that for the longest time and kept right on wearing them until my stepmom set me straight.

The good news is people still wear tights.

I’m totally ready for bed. I can’t even think. But I’m reading with Desmond at 8. I feel terrible when I’m too tired.

I just wish I had more energy. And as long as I’m wishing for stuff, an indoor swimming pool with a hot tub.

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