Sittin’ at the Top of My Stairs Wastin’ Time

Aislyn is running around out front, playing with her sidewalk chalk. It’s chillier than it looks today.

I did 24 boxes today, but I had to skip lunch to do it. Don’t worry, I ate at two.

But I realized on the way home I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since 4:30 a.m. That can’t be good for you.

It’s not like I wasn’t drinking. I double-fist coffee and Pepsi every single day. And not just a coffee and a Pepsi. About 44-54 ounces of the stuff altogether. You’d think I’d be floating away. Nope.

Wouldn’t you think I could write without interruption while Aislyn plays out here? Nope. “Mama, look at me! Mama, Mama, Mama! Hey, Mama! Look at me, Mama!” It’s okay, like I’ve said half a dozen times, she’s at that age.

Actually, today would be a good day for biking. I have PT tomorrow.

I almost was in a dilemma today. I went to switch out our label…scanner thing’s battery, and there were no charged batteries. So I took a random one back to my work station. It didn’t work. So I had to go all the way back to the supervisor offices to get another one. Only this time, I took the scanner with me. I tried like three different batteries before I found one that was even partially charged. Phew! I was almost SOL. If I can’t get the scanner to work, I can’t print labels.

It’s 6:30 now. I had to take a loooong break to paint with Aislyn and eat dinner. Oh, and iron my pants. I hate ironing. But I find that wrinkles are less and less acceptable as I get older. Ironic?

It’s been a good points day. Yesterday wasn’t terrible, either. I have very few snacks left, so I have to kind of ration them out.

It’s not usually my meals I overeat. It’s the snacks that send me down the rabbit hole most of the time. Although I did eat quite a bit of the peanut butter pasta tonight. It’s hard not to, though. Since I love peanut butter and I love pasta.

I also love lobster, and I will occasionally eat it without the butter to save points. But only occasionally.

I allllso love pizza and eggplant Parmesan. Filet mignon. French fries. Ice cream. Chocolate. Other peoples’ snacks.

Oooh, turkey and stuffing! Okay, now I’m actually feeling hungry again. D’OH!

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