Happy Easter!

It’s a wash this week. I stayed exactly the same. I’m not surprised. I had four good days and three not so good.

I’m trying not to beat myself up in my head. At least I didn’t gain. But I so wanted to be back on track. I really am until the zero hour.

But I didn’t gain, and I guess I can consider that a win. Especially after last night, whew!

Anyway, it’s a new week, another opportunity to get it right, have more blue days. And there will be a workshop at the end of it, so that should help motivate me to do well.

At least I know that I can do this. Last week I proved that. I can get back on track, now. Well I am back on track, I just had some hiccups this week.

Baby steps. If this was easy, everyone would be at their lifetime goal all the time. No one would be overweight. It’s not easy. Motivation peaks and troughs. Mine seems to tank at night.

Self-compassion. Despite this difficulty I’ve had for the last several months, I’ve still lost over 40 pounds. I can lose the rest. It just might take longer than I expected. And if it takes longer, it takes longer. It’s easier to keep it off when you do it slower, anyway.

It’s a journey. There’s not really an endpoint. It’s a lifestyle. I’ve got to extinguish the old behaviors that sabotage my progress. I’ve done it before. I will do it again.

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