You Mean I Gotta Drink This Coffee Hot?

Why must young children be up at the crack of dawn? On the bright side, they did wake me from a horrendously unpleasant dream. I don’t even want to go into it.

But I’m tired. I could’ve slept later. Right now I’m drinking my coffee, which is burning my tongue, but I’m too lazy to get up and put more non-dairy, sugar-free creamer in it, and I’m just sitting here, trying to wake up all the way.

Aislyn hasn’t learned yet that her elbows have consequences, so she’s always digging them into me to get her bearings. No amount of “OW!” seems to change this.

I can barely keep my eyes open. I mustn’t have slept well. Well, I didn’t. I got up twice to use the bathroom, and once had a food fest.

I’m less confident about weigh-in this week than I was a couple of days ago. Well, it’s Saturday. All I can do is damage control at this point. I can get one more bike in and have a low point day. Note to self: never, never buy the chocolate chip Fiber One brownies. I do okay with all of the other varieties, but I can eat an entire box of the chocolate chip in one sitting.

It’s not as bad as it sounds: 12 points for the whole box isn’t terrible, when you consider a pint of Ben and Jerry’s is 52 or worse, depending on the flavor. Still, little things add up.

Well, happy Saturday, readers. I’m sure I’ll be back later to share my great wisdom and insights with you.

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