Leah Mad

I went to Walmart to get some things. I was pretty much done shopping, but I stopped to look at something. Well, I left my cart right outside the clothing department, and by the time I got back, the cart was gone. Someone had taken it. It had my stuff in it! Really, people?

I know it happens because people did it at TJ Maxx all the time. What the hell is wrong with you? Get your own damn cart! Walk the extra 200 steps, you lazy bum.

I had to completely start over and re-shop. I was so mad I was slamming stuff into my cart, everyone around me was probably like, what the…?

I wanted to complain to someone, but all of the employees I saw looked like they couldn’t care less.

Then I had to go to another store for local trash bags. In Dover you have to use Dover trash bags, or they won’t take your trash.

Oh well, I’m home now, trying to finish up the laundry downstairs and getting ready to put Aislyn to bed.

All and all it hasn’t been a bad day. I wish we’d gotten out to enjoy the weather, but we had a good time anyway.

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