I Did Say I’d Be Back, Didn’t I

Aislyn and I are having rest time in her room. I’ll have done four loads of laundry by 3:00, though not four full loads.

My plan is to get on my bike after this, shower, and go to the store. By then, Desmond will be home and Aislyn may or may not have someone to hang out with, depending on his mood. But Derek is also done at 3:30, so…

We’ve been pretty busy: Mariokart, build-a-fort, lunch, laundry, “quiet time,” which has already evolved into noisy running around in circles time.

Her hair is long and hard to manage—lots of snarls, but beautiful and shiny. Her eyes are a much lighter shade of blue than mine. She’s so smart. She used the word “everdently” correctly the other day.

Mom says she looks like me. Nobody else really sees a resemblance. I only see it in some of her photos. Pictures of her resemble pictures of little me in the face. If I wasn’t paranoid, I’d show you some side-by-sides.

There’s a chance I might be slightly overprotective of my children. I still don’t let Desmond play alone in the backyard, and he’s almost 9. But there’s a good reason for that. I’d elaborate, but I’m too paranoid.

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s bike time.

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