Keeping Me in Boxes (Not Literally!)

It was just me today—no Sherrie. So it was a pretty quiet day. Unfortunately, I only did 23 boxes today. I hope it’s not a problem.

Those guys sure do bring me lots of boxes for my parts. I don’t even request them through ShopVue, anymore. I just wait a minute, and here comes another one of them with like six boxes at a time. I wonder if they had to empty the warehouse or something. I ended up with way more than I needed for the day, which is okay, because I can still use them all on Tuesday.

Oh, yeah. I get Good Friday and “Easter Monday” off, paid. Plus a $100 bonus for something I can’t remember.

Ray must’ve been in a good mood today, because he nodded and smiled at me this afternoon.

I’ve had another good week so far with WW. I hope to lose another 2 pounds. There’s no workshop Sunday because of Easter, but I’ll weigh in at home.

Of course, I’ve only biked once this week—so far. I still plan on doing more.

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