Ray of Light

It’s a beautiful day on the New Hampshire Seacoast. The sun is nice and warm. We’re in the backyard. Unfortunately, so are all the bugs.

Not to brag or anything, but I did 24 boxes today. Yesssssss.

Okay, I don’t know what to make of Ray. He either doesn’t like me or…I don’t know what. He won’t talk to me, even just to communicate necessary information or ask questions. He asks Sherrie, then Sherrie asks me, and I’m right there! It might almost be funny if it wasn’t absurd. All I can think is, what did I do?

It’s too bad, too. We’re about the same age, I think. We might have stuff in common. It’s always nice when there’s someone else around who gets your Spaceballs and Back to the Future references. I mean, I like Sherrie a lot, but she’s a bit older than me.

Anyway, he’s going to have to talk to me next winter, because it’ll just be me (and maybe a new person who doesn’t know anything yet). He’d better get used to me. Tough love, that’s how I roll (not really).

I mean, he’s not like Sally was in the beginning. She was grumpy and snippy. Ray is just…awkward?

I’ve seen him talk to other people, though. But I guess. New people can be hard. But I’m trying to make it easier for ya, Ray. Killing you with kindness.

It’s probably my fault. I take other peoples’ behavior toward me so personally, no matter what I might say about it. I’m like a puppy; I want everyone to like me. And then I mope about or otherwise dwell on the one person out of like 50 who doesn’t.

Sally warmed up to me really nicely in the end, so that gives me hope that Ray will come around, too.

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