Birds and Bees

I should be on my bike, but I really wanted to write for you. I know I haven’t been around as much. I basically get up, get ready and go straight to work. I eat my breakfast in the kitchen standing up. There’s no sitting or quiet reflection in my comfy chair anymore. I miss it.

Then I work, and I get what comes out to a 10 and a 15-minute break. This is just barely enough time to make my coffee, use the bathroom, eat my snack or lunch, and check my stats, which have suffered since February because I’m not posting as often.

Then I get home, make my lunch for tomorrow, and visit with the fam. I used to immediately go for a snack when I got home, but truth be told, I’m not actually hungry yet, most days, though I did have some 0-point raspberries today, because they were going to go bad otherwise.

I’m down to 2 coffees for breakfast and 2 half-cafs for lunch, plus soda. But I’m drinking diet Sprite also, which is caffeine free. I am more tired at night than I was, though.

I only did 21 boxes today. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back up to 23 again. I feel like I busted ass just to get the 21. I really don’t want to be switched to another line. I like where I am. Although there’s those bees to think about. Chances are I’m going to end up with the bees no matter what, though, because they’re moving several lines upstairs.

There are also birds that get in occasionally and swoop down in front of your face.

I’ll bet you never thought I’d be discussing the birds and the bees, here. I know—that was terrible. In my defense, I never said this blog would be funny.

Anyway, readers, I’m glad I took this time to write a thoughtful, non-hurried post for you. Just so you know I’m thinking of you. And guess what? I can probably still get on the bike and do my thing.

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