The Problem with Song Lyrics

When I use lyrics in my blog titles, I forget that people on the web just typing lyrics into a search engine are simply looking for more lyrics; not my blog. I’m going to have to be more original.

I just had to explain the light box to my almost 9-year-old. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought, do I tell him the truth? Do I simplify it? But he’s a super-duper intelligent kid, so I told him the basic truth: it’s for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, who get sadder in the colder months.

I mean, how much about my mental health do I share with a 9yo? I guess, though, it’s better to be transparent with him now. Nothing was shared with me about my mother until I was 12 and she had a nervous breakdown. I was blind-sided by her erratic behavior. It was a very frightening experience.

Thank God I’m not schizophrenic like she was, but at some point, they should both probably know about the depression/ anxiety, and that I’m treated for it. Especially Desmond, since I think he has some of the anxiety, himself.

This was and is a major concern for me about having children, whether I would pass anything down to them. I desperately wanted children, though, so I took the risk. I felt certain I was meant to be a mother. I hope I was right.

They’re such amazing kids, how could I be wrong?

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