Need Coffee

I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine, so experimenting with the amount of coffee I’m drinking. I slept for 14 hours. I guess I’m not ready to reduce, yet.

The Depo is the worst thing I’ve ever done to my body. It has really messed me up, and no sign of the side effects wearing off. It’s been four months.

I’m still exhausted all the time. I hate this.

I’ve had a couple of off-program nights, but other than that I’ve done well. The scale shows no indication of progress, though. We’ll see what the WW scale says.

I didn’t track at all yesterday. I meant to, but the day got away from me. Then I was just…well, I had too many choices and chose them all.

I think I eat more when I’m tired. Maybe messing with my caffeine isn’t the best thing to do right now.

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