Let’s See How You Handle It

I’m not completely sure what my job title is. I think Sherrie and I are production operators. I know the men we work with are material handlers, because it says so on ShopVue.

Last Friday I asked Sherrie what their names were because I knew she was going to be out the following Monday. Actually, first, I tried to draw my own conclusions from the names listed on ShopVue, but that was disastrous.

We used to have the same guy mostly all the time, but he quit, so I figured I’d better get to know the other ones.

She didn’t know all of their names, and I’m changing them here, just in case. But there’s Angelo, the tall one with the 5 o’clock shadow. Angelo I already knew. He’s the really friendly one.

There’s Eddie. He might be a relative of someone else who works there. He’s the young one I think, who used to have a mustache and looks like he might be regrowing it. Don’t do it, Eddie, don’t do it.

There’s an older, darkish-haired guy whose name we don’t know. We tend to see him a little later into the day. A slightly older gentleman, though not, I think, elderly.

There’s Ray, their supervisor. I think he’s about my age. He’s hard to read: does he not like me, is he just quiet, etc.? But he smells pleasant and dresses well.

There’s another, older guy sometimes, with grayish or whitish hair and a truckstache whose name I don’t know. He’s not around that much, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, since the first guy quit, it’s been mostly Ray and DHG getting us stuff we need. Sometimes Angelo. They are way understaffed, so I think Ray is functioning as a handler and a supervisor simultaneously.

This reminds me, kind of, of being a lead teacher who was also functioning as a full time 1:1 assistant. Or any special education teacher who teaches all day and is also a case manager. That’s why I hated teaching in New Hampshire. The teaching plus the case management was like having two full time jobs. I mean, okay, I liked it when I was younger and had no kids of my own, and could work late, but not anymore.

They mostly communicate with Sherrie right now, since they know her well and I’m still new. But Sherrie’s retiring next winter, so sooner or later they are going to have to get used to me. Cue the scary music.

What? I’m a lovely person!

I do like it though. I hope I can get faster. I’m getting better. Sometimes it depends on how many interruptions there are, and the length of the interruptions.

22 boxes today. I can do this.

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