If this isn’t making sense, it doesn’t make it lies

Today I did 20 boxes, but I would’ve done more if I hadn’t had to go back and check the numbers on several parts. Extruding put the wrong stamp on some of the parts again.

Listen to me talk shop!

Yesterday I did 23 boxes. Things are looking up.

I messed up my points last night. I was still upset, so I ate my feelings instead of just experiencing them. I hate it when I do that. So weigh-in this morning wasn’t pretty. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I’m trying to get on the scale again daily, to get over the anxiety of the scale, and Noom says research indicates people are more successful losing weight with daily weigh-ins than with just weekly.

I have to leave for an appointment soon. But I’ll probably come back later.

I’ve decided not to let other peoples’ baggage scare me. I’m supposed to be supportive of all of that. I mean, I’m a depression/ anxiety sufferer, myself. Granted, I’m a lightweight compared to my mother, but I still grew up with her, have that experience. And it’s absolutely amazing what treatment can do. It makes the difference between night and day for me, as I always say.

Anyway, talk later ☮️ ❤️ 🍔

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