New Plan

Goal: lose 20 pounds by July 3.

  • Consume up to 1362 calories a day
  • Moderate exercise (30 minutes, 3-5 days per week)

It will be tricky, the calorie thing. I guess I need to try to figure out how they translate to points…somehow…

Yeah, don’t know how I’m gonna do that.

I guess I’ll just generally stay in my budget. Stay blue. That should work.

I will have to set mini goals within this goal, too. Like, so many pounds this week. The first week is mostly water weight, so maybe 4 pounds.

20 pounds is not my lifetime goal. It’s just close to where I was at right before the Depo shot.

My lifetime goal is more like…45 pounds away. So if I start now—and I think I legitimately can—I could still be at lifetime within the year, which was my plan all along, just, a bit later than originally intended. But everyone knows that progress in this program isn’t linear. There are ups and downs. I just have had really big ones.

We talked about internal and external hunger at today’s workshop. I know I’m internally hungry when I willingly eat a pint of grape tomatoes. Most of the time, when I overeat at the 11th hour, I think I’m externally hungry: triggered by something outside myself that’s not really hunger, like an advertisement or appealing smell. Or just the thought that “It’s time for my sweet snack,” taken too far.

I think if I tune into and differentiate between these two types of hunger this week, I’ll do better.

Cross your fingers and toes that I can pull off 4 pounds this week! Thanks, my readers ❤️.

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