Head Hurts

I thought, since it’s probably raining, I won’t wear my sunglasses. I usually wear them even if it’s cloudy, if the sky is bright. But I didn’t want to look stupid. So now I have a headache from squinting in the semi-brightness of the daylight. And Tylenol hasn’t helped.

Why must I be shy? Sometimes I wish I could be more like my super-duper-extroverted friends. New people are hard for me, even when I like them. And there’s a whole building of people who are new to me.

Only 16 boxes today. I was off, mind somewhere else.

The kids will not stop fighting. And they’re noisy, and it’s not helping my head. Maybe I should try my new ear plugs. Nah. But I am going to go get a new top for having three awesome on-program days in a row. I’m counting today even though it’s not over, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So there.

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