An Interesting Turn of Events

Apparently, Weird William quit. Just stopped showing up last week. That’s cool with me, life is good again in Leah Land.

Also, it seems that Jay Jr. is not as junior as I suspected. If he’s the one Sherrie was talking about, which I think he is, then this kid has his own grownup kid and is a supervisor here. She said he’s been here for years lmao.

I am really terrible at guessing peoples’ ages. I should never try. I can’t even tell you how many teenage girls I tried to sell the TJX Rewards card because I didn’t realize they were underage. Luckily they all declined.

We work mostly with material handlers. One of them is very nice. The rest of them only talk to Sherrie. Even when they need to communicate with me, they do it through Sherrie. Even when I’m right there! Again, I’m lmao because it’s just bizarre (spelling?). They’re all men. Maybe they’re all shy men.

Nah, it must be because I’m new.

Anyway, I learned something today. If I want to know more about someone at work, just ask Sherrie. She’s got the 411.

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