Whoops, Not Again!

I’m up early enough today that I could go in, get everything set up and be packing boxes right on time. But I’m mostly set up already, and I don’t want to be too early. I can’t punch in until 6:00, so technically, I really shouldn’t be doing anything until then. But it helps get more done. Get me in a rhythm.

I had a good day points-wise yesterday: only 22. That’s my daily target. I almost never hit my daily target. Of course, I had a 3-point dinner, and those are usually hard to achieve. Most dinner items are higher. Grilled chicken is 0, though.

I buy a lot of chicken, but we don’t eat it much. But maybe we will now, since Derek is eating healthier. He was recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. Doesn’t need a mask, for which I’m grateful, because I heard they had to recall Phillips masks because there were potentially dangerous particles or something.

So if you have sleep apnea and didn’t know about this, now you know: use a different kind of mask. I know a lot of people have sleep apnea. I probably have it because I’m overweight. I’m sure I had it at my heaviest weight. My breathing was all off, even in my waking hours.

But even now, I’m noticing I’m out of breath more than I was 20 pounds ago. That’s one of the reasons I’m getting back on track for good this week.

It seems like if I have fewer types of snacks in the house, I might do better. I don’t know, though. I have quite a variety even now. Yesterday I had three different snacks. That’s still kind of a lot. All packaged for portion control, though. All WW.

I love ice cream, but ice cream is hard, since I always want more than a serving size. Even the light ice cream is a lot of points if you eat too much of it, and I do.

I have to go respond to my brothers’ texts. I heard from both of them on my birthday, which is great.

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