Another Year Older

But none the wiser. I didn’t tell anyone at work it was my birthday. Most of the time I wasn’t even thinking about it, anyway.

Sometimes I don’t tell people. I’d rather not draw attention to myself.

We are having marble cake after dinner to celebrate. What? It’s for the kids! But, yes, I’ll be eating it, too. It’s my birthday!

If I have a smallish piece, I can still get a blue dot for today, believe it or not. I can’t emphasize enough that I do do well up to a point. Every single day. Last night I got up and had a food fest in the last half hour of the day. I was hungry, but did I need a food fest? No, of course I didn’t.

Anyway, I tracked the whole thing. So it could’ve been worse. I seem to eat a lot more when I don’t track, that’s why I say that.

I’m all situated in my comfy chair and I know I have to get back up again because I have a Dr. Naimark appointment. If it were nice out I could walk there, but it’s freezing.

That’s about it for now.

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