Shane vs. the Paperwork

I haven’t been around much today because of WW, the store, lunch, paperwork.

I’m not going to share what said paperwork pertains to, so don’t even ask.

Okay, I lied, it’s an order form for a mail order bride. Just for help with housework, I swear!

It’s a petition for a harassment restraining order for Weird William. Don’t think I won’t do it, WW.

No. I really can’t say. Believe it or not, it’s too personal for me to disclose.

It’s just an after-effect of becoming a mama that I want resolved. I’m not sick or anything. Just finally trying to remediate a nuisance as old as Desmond.

But Shane didn’t want me to fill out the last form: the credit card info. So I guess I’m going for free. Hah, yeah, right.

Presently, I’m doing my light therapy and drinking my coffee. Avoiding fudge rounds. Bonding with my Shane.

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