Birthday Presents

Yes, it is one day early, but it’s a nice, laid back Sunday, and we just decided to do it today.

From Dad and Mimi, I got a blue and orange striped, zip hoodie.

From Mom, I got an Amazon gift card, a TJX gift card, and a nifty lanyard with an attachment for my phone. That way, my phone won’t fall out of my pocket, and I can still use it as a pedometer even if I don’t have pockets at all.

From Derek and the kids, I got a TJX gift card and these cool, green, canvas slip-on Roxy sneaks. I loved Roxy in my youth and have three pairs of low-riding baggy Roxy pants for spring and summer. I even had them hemmed so they don’t drag on the ground and rip. Remember when it was cool to have your pants drag on the ground and rip? Yeah, err, me either. I’m way too young for that 😐

Anyhow, good birthday. I made a killing with gift cards. While I’d like to say I plan to save them up toward my WW lifetime goal shopping trip, it’s far more likely I’ll kill them within the next month. That’s what I did at Christmas, I’m pretty sure.

Of course, at the time, I was still working at The Maxx. I’ve only been there once since I started my current job. Once in a month is good for me. I was out of control for a while. There were weeks I bought something everyday.

There’s nothing I really need right now, as a result. I have 10,000 sweaters and even plenty of jeans in my current size. So it wouldn’t be hard to save my gift cards, unless I physically went into the store.

I am going to need my Skinny Syrups eventually, though, so I will have to go in for those.

I’m going to have some low sugar maple oatmeal for dinner, now.

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