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I do have stuff to do, but Shane is asleep on my lap, so…

Today’s workshop was good. When Kimmy asked what went well for people this week, no one said anything right away, so I said I discovered that I think I have more control than I thought I did. That my weekly and daily eating patterns suggest this.

One of my compatriots suggested I structure those last six hours in my day with activities. Another recommended journaling, and Mom said I have a fantastic blog. I don’t know about fantastic, but it’s possible I might gain a local follower or two within the next few days.

I am hungry now. I might eat some raspberries. My stomach is rumbling. I don’t want to disturb Shane, but I also have to go to the bathroom, and as I said, I do have stuff to do. And I’ve been sitting since I got home, like, 2+ hours ago. Time to get moving.

Well, Desmond woke up Shane. So I’m about to oust him.

What can I do to add structure to the last part of my day? One thing is I can get back on the bike. Actively play with the kids, maybe outside. Have a regular blog time. Journal time? I think the worst time is after dinner. I do dishes every other night. Cleanup time? Then I wouldn’t have as much to clean on weekends. Light therapy/ coffee time.

I don’t eat in my new car, so anything that involves transit could work.

I should make myself a picture schedule like I used to do for my students. But seriously, a schedule might help.

It’s just that when I get home, all I want to do is sit. But I could do my light as soon as I get home. I usually do, after I make my lunch for the next day.

I’m going to have to think about this.

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