My Plan

I’m pretty sure at this point that I have created this really bad nightly habit of overeating junk food between the hours of 3pm and 11pm. It’s only the last third of my day. Since I know I can control myself from 4:30am to 2pm, I think I can control my night time eating, too.

So I’m just going to do it. “It” being controlling myself at night. No more talking about it, I’m just going to do it. Because I can’t continue this pattern, or in a few months I’ll be back where I started, or worse.

The one caveat is I’m starting tomorrow. I have already supremely screwed up this afternoon and evening. This does not mean I’m going to gorge all night, though. But we’re having stovetop Mac and cheese for dinner, and I think starting tonight would be an uphill battle.

Let’s see if I can get through three days of not, well, let’s just call it what it is: bingeing at night. Small reward if I can do it. Game on.

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