Back to School?

One big perk of working where I do is they’ll fund your college education. I can get another Masters for free if I want. I’m already thinking about it.

It has to be somewhat related to the business, so no basket weaving. I’m interested in consumer psychology, which is basically the psychology behind business success. I think it might help inform my writing and give me an edge over my competition as an aspiring copywriter.

So there’s this program at the University of Southern California, a Masters in Applied Psychology with a focus on consumer, industrial, and organizational psychology, which is cool because I’m also interested in Human Resources. I believe it’s online.

I’m thinking I might do it. I’m at least investigating it further. I mean, free education. You can’t beat that. I almost want to tell the kids to come work with me when they graduate so they can go to college for free. Almost. But I imagine they’ll go the traditional route, like I did, if they go.

Still, it’s an amazing deal. Only thing is you have to continue to work there for a couple years following earning your degree. But I’m sure they have a marketing department, and people working remotely within it (I think their headquarters is in South Carolina?). Even if not, I could keep working on the production lines for a while.

My only concern is that I’ve never done college as a mom. I’m not sure how that would be.

I have to have been there 90 days to be eligible for tuition coverage, so I have time to think about it.

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