Wide Awake at 5 A.M.

Good morning, my readers. I am up and showered and ready to go hopefully get my car.

I need to remember: if I can’t get it, there’s Carvana. I’ve been pre-approved through them. And they seem to have some decent deals.

I’m the only one up as yet. I like this time when I can be alone with my thoughts…and with you.

INFJs are supposed to need some quiet time to reflect and recharge. When I was single, I had plenty of that kind of time. Probably too much. Now that I’m married with little kids, I have a lot less of it, but I don’t need that much. Just a little is helpful, a half hour here or there. Me time.

My back is sore from my job. Standing in one place 40 hours a week is taxing. I only did like 16 yesterday. There were printer problems the first hour, so that threw me off my game, but I don’t know what else would account for the low number.

There’s a possibility I was looking at that kid who resembles my friend too much, because now he’s looking at me. Awkward. I feel bad. I didn’t mean to make him uncomfortable or anything, it’s just so funny, the likeness. But upon closer inspection, there are definite differences. Just from farther away, you go, whoa!

One place I applied for a copywriter position wanted me to write about one of my favorite things: the ocean, and why preserving it was important to me. So I did. I wish I had saved what I wrote. I think it was pretty good.

In sixth grade I won a Coast Week essay contest that all the elementary schools were involved in, along with a handful of other kids. The ocean has always mattered to me. To sum it up, it’s my solace.

Desmond is up. Aislyn says she’s sleeping until Grandma gets here. That just struck me as funny. But I doubt it. I predict that she’ll be out here within the next 20 minutes.

I’ve got to get back up pretty soon to get breakfast for at least Desmond.

Have a good morning, and keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that a miracle takes place and I get that car.

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