Happy Friday!

I’ll be surprised if I don’t gain this week. I’ve eaten so many of Desmond’s fudge rounds I have to buy him a new box.

I could track today, but it would be a scary story.

Tomorrow, I might get a new (used) car. We’ll see.

My skin is so sensitive. I have another rash. This one is right underneath my bust line. I think it’s the bra I was wearing. Now there’s eczema there, and I will have to put lotion on it. Yuck. I don’t really like applying lotion. Even hand lotion. But I do, because I need it now. I never used to.

We went to UNH and walked around a bit, had pizza and steak subs at DHOP and JP’s. It was good to get outside.

I’m taking an editing test for a business in Rochester. That might be good, Rochester’s not far.

I’m having late coffee again in the hopes it’ll keep me up a little later. It didn’t work last night, though.

I narrowly escaped overtime this weekend. I might not always be so lucky. Time and a half, though. But they start at 4 a.m.! Get out at noon.

I thought I had something else, but I can’t think of it right now. Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll have lots to say tomorrow, no matter what.

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