Pretty Good Day

Can’t complain. 21 boxes today, a new record.

I test drove a Nissan Rogue. We’ll see if I can get financing. I’m not sure. I told Derek if I was a betting man (or woman), I’d say I’ll be driving my old battered Toyota Yaris for the next year or until it dies, whichever comes first.

I guess we’ll see.

There is Carvana, if the dealership doesn’t work out.

So that look-alike guy I work with? Yeah, upon closer inspection, it turns out I was probably off by about 20 years. Look-alike Guy is just a kid! Kinda funny. No? I guess you had to be there.

Yeah, and 5 days of tracking? Not happening. Maybe 4 days? We’ll give it a try.

I drank a regular (caffeinated) iced coffee at 2:30 in the hopes that I could stay up later so that no one is sad with me tonight. I haven’t been able to stay awake really past 8:00 lately. I snuggle into the kids’ beds at their bedtime and promptly fall asleep.

I should probably have another one, though, I don’t feel anymore perked up than I normally do this time of night. In fact I could fall asleep right… 😴

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