Happy Monday 😐

Work was frustrating. Sherrie was out, and this other lady, although nice, insisted I use the wrong boxes to pack my parts. I had to do and redo the same box, like, three times.

She was only on our line for two weeks, but didn’t trust me to know the right information. I think really, though, she didn’t want to redo all of her boxes.

I got so frustrated I almost cried at one point. I’m just glad it’s over. I only did 14 boxes. That’s really bad. But I’ve got everything frontloaded for tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow will be better and I’ll do more boxes.

I’ve meant to graph my box completion on an app on my phone, but when I get home, work leaves my brain.

I used to use the app years ago, to graph something else. It was quite handy. Graphs and charts excite me. I’m really a huge nerd, but I’m not ashamed of it like I was when I was a kid.

You know those people who call themselves nerds, but really, they aren’t? I’m not one of those, and I get annoyed with people who are. I wanna be like, “You don’t know what it’s like to be a real nerd. You call yourself a nerd because it’s trendy now, and you think you’re being cute. You’re not cute; you’re transparent.”

I’m harsh. I know. But most people really don’t know what it’s like to have been a social outcast and or a nerd, and they just throw the term around in fun like it wasn’t a totally negative connotation to begin with.

Unless you got called nerd by your contemptuous peers in middle school, you’re probably not really a nerd.

This concludes my diatribe for the afternoon.

I also love office supplies. I could spend my whole paycheck at Staples, just as much as I could at TJ Maxx.

Anyway, I have something I have to go research. Have a nice afternoon.

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