Spring Forward

Hooray, hooray for longer days!

I’m somehow down 0.2 this week. Despite lots of cake and ice cream. And only one workout. That’s alright, I’ll take it.

I’m going to shoot for three workouts this week. And better tracking, of course. There won’t be any cake this week. And I’m telling my family no cake on my birthday, which is in a couple of Mondays. Well, or maybe an angel food cake? I like to do something for the kids to celebrate birthdays.

Angel food cake is like the light beer of cake, except it’s really tasty. Aislyn would probably love it because you eat it with strawberries.

Maybe we’ll do that, then. With fresh strawberries and fat free Cool Whip. This is great, I’ve already got a plan for my birthday.

I have to go. Workshop starting.

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