Rain is Better Than Snow

It felt nice to sleep in until 7 today.

I have to clean the kitchen today. It’s a horrible mess. The living room is a mess, too, it looks like a day care threw up on the couch.

Tonight we spring ahead. Yessssssss! I love longer days. I won’t have to do my light therapy, I can put away my light box for the next six months.

I can’t help wondering if I should still do it anyway. I don’t get out as much as I should. And Shane loves the warmth from the light. The other day I caught him with his face almost right up against it. So cute.

I know it wouldn’t hurt. I’ll ask Dr. Naimark if there’s any benefit.

It’s just hard fitting it into my workday sometimes. Especially now that I pretty much leave for work immediately to get there as early as possible to mark my sponges and, ideally, assemble some boxes.

I know they’re happy with me for right now, but once they figure out that I’m not making the numbers, I don’t know what will happen. Now that I’m certified and can scan my own boxes, it won’t be long before he sees.

I did 16 boxes yesterday. And that was with my sponges all prepped. What can I do to get faster? Never talk to anyone? Usually it’s completely necessary.

And besides that, it’s just nicer to interact. It’s a pretty solitary job, you actually don’t do a lot of talking to anyone. So the occasional conversation seems only natural. But that and all the other things I listed yesterday slow me down. Also breaks. Sherrie, my immediate supervisor, doesn’t even really take her 10-minute break.

Anyway, I feel like such a jerk about last night. Also, I’m to understand that it’s no longer PC to refer to it as “the Ukraine,” it’s just Ukraine, so I apologize for that, as well.

I do have the news app on my phone. I maybe ought to open it up every now and again, maybe once a week, just so I’m not completely in the dark when it comes to human suffering.

I do make donations at stores and stuff. And I can say this now: I hated it, how many women (they were mostly women) came into that store, spent literally hundreds of dollars on themselves, and then wouldn’t give a dollar to the diabetes campaign. I got so fed up with them that I just stopped asking after a while.

One woman cut off my donation pitch mid-sentence, then she actually bragged that she never gave to anyone. That’s nice, lady, okay, have a nice day, I’ll see you in hell. Then she left her empty cart in the queue for me to put away.

It’s stuff like that that makes me happy and relieved to be out of there.

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