Online Shopping

I bought a bra from an online store. It was on super sale. Apparently 40D isn’t the same cup size at all as 38D, because the cups were too big. But now I can’t return it, because this particular company, probably rightly, doesn’t take back underwear. I just wish I’d researched before I bought a questionable size.

Once at a certain store where I worked, a woman returned a pair of underwear, like, actual underpants (I will not call them panties, I refuse. Little girls wear panties). I took them back, because I wasn’t sure what to do, but I left them in the bag and placed them on the counter behind the register.

One of the managers asked why I’d left them in the bag, and I explained I wasn’t sure what the policy was, etc, if they’d been worn.

Well the manager kind of gave me a hard time about it, so I whispered, “But it’s underwear.” She said if the label was still in them, it was fine, and she put them back on the sales floor!

There was no label. There never was any label, as far as I know, on those or any other underwear we had (I mean that protective sticker in the crotch you sometimes see inside bathing suits. Maybe that’s not what she meant, I’m not sure).

I just think that’s really gross. How do we know that that woman didn’t try on that underwear? I shouldn’t have had to take them back, and they never should’ve been returned to the sales floor. They should’ve been zeroed out. It bothered me enough that I almost went to that manager’s manager. But unfortunately, I was too intimidated.

I mean, ewww. It makes me want to not buy underwear. I guess I could knit my own undies, but I don’t think woolen underpants would be very sexy. Or comfortable.

My great grandmother taught me how to knit when I was nine, but unfortunately, she passed before teaching me how to complete a project. So all I can do is knit very long “scarves” that hang from knitting needles.

I wonder if knitting or some kind of handsy hobby like that could help me get faster with the sponges at work. Hmmm…

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