It’s very easy to get behind on this line. It happens quickly. They want you to do three boxes an hour, and that’s fine—if you don’t have anything else to do.

They want you to do 24 boxes a day—3 boxes an hour. It takes me approximately 19 minutes to do a box. So it’s very tight as it is. Add in SPC (you measure and graph 3 parts at 6 and 10, which I like because it reminds me of the good old graphing days of teaching) acquiring and lining sponges (I do this from when I get here, now at 5:30–shhh, don’t tell my boss—until start time at 6), assembling boxes and lids, talking to my supervisors, breaks, bathroom, and procuring parts from the whip area, and I’ve got myself a box deficit.

I don’t know how to work any faster without compromising accuracy, that’s the problem.

I am one of those pain in the necks who likes to take my time. Except on the road, I guess.

Look at that, I already have to go. This was written in two breaks.

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