Home Again

I’m sleepy. I’ve eaten like a horse this week. I’d like to take a nap upstairs, but Aislyn wants me to join her for something, I’m not sure what. Something she’s playing.

They will want to go outside when Desmond gets home. It’s a nice afternoon.

I don’t know what to do about Desmond. I’ve tried taking away privileges before. Obviously it doesn’t work over the long term, because he still has the behaviors. It’s when he’s angry, usually when he’s denied access to something. Hmph. I need a behaviorist.

Maybe I could make a How many days without outbursts? chart. Like those days without any injuries charts you see in, well, places like where I work. Every fifth consecutive day without any target behaviors gets McDonald’s.

He’s always loved charts and visuals. I wonder where he gets that from…

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