Something Didn’t Agree

We had a little party for Derek. I had lobster, cake, ice cream, and of course, coffee. Well, I like all of those things, but one of them doesn’t like me. I’m probably going to bed soon.

I finished the editorial. I don’t know how good it is, because I’ve never written one before, and when I’ve read them, I haven’t really been cognizant of their editorial-ness. But I hope they like it and see my potential as a writer.

Only did 18 boxes today. How fast can I get my hands to work without compromising on quality? That’s the big question.

I’m slipping into a food-induced slumber. I have to put Desmond to bed tonight. We trade off. Either way I have to be awake enough to read for a while. Or I could say I’m too tired, but I feel bad doing that.

Either way, I’m going to go now. Exhausted. Stomach in turmoil. Time for bed. Goodnight 😴

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