Up Early

I only hit snooze once today. I want to get to work as early as I can to get a jump on my boxes. I’m afraid I’m not going to ever make goal. They want 24 boxes a day. So far, I can probably manage 19.

I wouldn’t actually be doing boxes before 6:00. Just prepping. But I don’t know if they would like that, if they knew. Technically, I should be getting paid for every bit of work I do there. But they won’t pay you prior to whenever your shift starts. So I should really be starting no sooner than 6:00.

But if I don’t prep my sponges ahead of time, I won’t get as many boxes done. You see my dilemma? Ideally, I have to get faster, I just don’t know how much faster my hands can go.

It would suck if they certify me but I never get fast enough to make goal.

I also still have my editorial to write. As a matter of fact, there’s a video I need to watch. I should do that now.

Have a good day, readers. Spring’s coming, and finally maybe an end in sight to this COVID nightmare.

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