Have a Nice Day 😊

I discovered today that I’ve gone up not one, but two pants sizes. Awesome.

The good news is…nah, there’s really no good news, here. Other than that now I know, and I can more consciously try to move in the opposite direction again.

I have had a good points day so far, and I just walked away from a bag of Cheetos, which are my favorite kind of crunchy, salty snack, so there’s that.

Derek is going to love his birthday present from Desmond. It was Desmond’s idea, I’m so proud of him for thinking of the best gift ever for Daddy. Derek’s birthday is March 9.

Lotta birthdays in March.

Mine is the 28th, of course. So it’s almost in April. A spring birthday.

I am an Aries. But I’m really not. I was born on the cusp, and identify far more with Pisces, who are (generally) quieter, creative, introspective.

The only thing about me is the way I walk (isn’t that in a song by Genesis?). I walk briskly, with purpose. Impatiently, like everyone and everything around me better get out of my way. That’s more like an Aries, I think.

Derek and I used to walk through the MUB at school and the difference in the way we moved was so pronounced. He would meander, look around at everything, linger. I bulldozed my way through the building.

I still am not certified. No blue shirts, yet. I’m not increasing my numbers of boxes, either. I’m worried about what’s going to happen if I can’t get them up.

I was so physically exhausted by the end of the day that I could feel myself slowing down. No amount of coffee is going to help that.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a really nice day, although it’s raining in some locations, like New Hampshire. Enjoy your evening, too. After all, why not? It’s a good day to be alive 🙂😉

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