Kinda Busy Today

After I got home from my meeting, I went to the store. Then, I ate my lunch. Then, we all played school, and it took a while because Derek was class clown and Aislyn couldn’t sit still. Naturally, I was Mr. T’s star pupil, but even I got detention because I wrote my answers to the math activity in an inappropriate color ink (pink).

You know if I hadn’t already been “the shy one” in my class, I would’ve been the insufferable know-it-all who played teacher’s aide and helped the subs by offering up all the unsolicited information, good, bad and indifferent, about my classmates anyone could ask for. No, I can’t believe I would’ve been that girl. I was a nerd, but not that kind of nerd. My nemesis would certainly have been that girl.

But I enjoyed pretending to be Little Miss Know-It-All today: “Mr. Teeeeeeee, Derek is streaming music from his phone in cla-ass!”

After school, I researched the company for whom I must write an editorial. Then, I got my first workout of the week done: one down, two to go. I’m going to be reasonable. One article I read said vigorous exercise may not have any impact on my weight right now, so I’m not going to bust ass for no reason. Sorry, not sorry. I’m just going to do enough to keep my body conditioned for exercise until this poison wears off.

Then I did some laundry. Then I went on Amazon to start a return and buy something Desmond and I need. Now, here I am, still no editorial written.

I hate to be doing it during the work week, it’s just too much. But it’s increasingly looking like that will be the case. I’m with the kids right now because Derek is Zooming with his bros, and Desmond keeps sneaking peeks and giggling at my blog. He wants to be a writer.

A few years ago, he wanted to be a teacher. I think it’s sweet that he wants to be what I am, even if it’s only a coincidence.

So anyway, today’s probably a wash for the editorial, since I have a ton of laundry to fold before morning. Unless, of course, I quit talking to you and start it now.

But I like talking to you ❤️ 😊

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