How’d I Do This Week?

I gained the 0.8 I lost last weigh-in. So, no big deal. I thought for sure I’d be in the next decade up, but I’m not, so, good news IMO.

I took off my sweater and I had on just a tank top and my baggy-ish blue pants for weigh-in, and Kimmy was saying how great I look. She knows I’ve gained recently, but I think, unlike me, she’s seeing the big picture, like, from back in May when I was 208. So that was a nice NSV. You don’t expect to get them at times like these, but there you go.

So I’m hoping to have a better week this week, with at least a few workouts and less woah is me.

If I can even maintain where I’m at, under the current circumstances, that would be okay with me for right now.

Workshop is starting.

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