Too Tired to Type

I got up at 6:15 and it was light out. I thought I had slept in until 8:00.

All of my clothes are tight. I got rid of all of my larger sizes when I cleaned out my dresser and closet. So I’m not sure what to do. I could say not gain anymore weight, but I don’t truly know. I wish I did.

If I go through bad withdrawal, I’m afraid. I’m just very afraid.

I don’t feel any soreness yet, but it’s still too early. The hormone is still effective for a few more days…or according to this app that I downloaded, a couple more weeks.

I slept 8 hours, but I still feel tired. Maybe I’m still just waking up.

So that’s about it. They’re certifying me at work, but it hasn’t happened, yet. I get the blue shirts, but I don’t know when. My supervisor, the guy, is really nice, but I think I might have to keep on him when I need stuff. My immediate supervisor is also really nice. Great trainer. She believes in learning by doing, as I do.

The only problem I have is the standing all day. My feet and often my legs hurt by the end of the day. And breaks don’t amount to much. Your 15 is more like a 10 after walking to and from the cafeteria. Your 20 is more like a 15.

At least the points keep you accountable, though. I took so much advantage at TJX. I did it, but I didn’t feel great about it.

The points help you manage your time better. Except for the few I got at first when I was still getting used to my schedule, I haven’t gotten anymore. And if you talk to them about it, they take care of you. If you’re 1 minute late from break by accident, for example, and it doesn’t happen repeatedly. So I have a clean record thus far.

So, if I’m unable to further my writing career, I’ve found a good place to be.

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