As It Turns Out

The place where I interviewed for copywriter had someone with more relevant experience than me. So it had nothing to do with me, personally.

I’m being recruited for a contract to hire sort of technical writer job. It doesn’t look like they’re requiring previous technical writing experience, from the description, so maybe they train you. That would be awesome. Technical writing would be a hugely valuable skill, if I could pick it up.

There is also a content writer opening locally and they’re looking for someone with like the “soul of a teacher,” or something to that effect. So that sounds like me, since, indeed, I was a teacher.

I don’t mean to pursue new jobs as soon as I have a job. Sometimes the jobs happen to me. I mean, I like the Hutch, but is it a career path? Only if they need someone in their creative department. But I doubt their creative department is here in New Hampshire.

I was thinking maybe I could eventually be promoted to an office job upstairs if I stayed long enough, but, I don’t know what they have up there.

What I do know is that most of the people on 108 between here and Newfields at 5:30 a.m. are on their way to the Hutch. I’ve been stuck behind the worst and slowest drivers in the world lately, and they work where I work. Yay! So I try not to follow too err, enthusiastically, because more than likely, they’re headed where I am, and I don’t wish to be part of an ugly confrontation resulting in my shrugging, “Learn to drive, lady,” because, yes, I am biased, and I do think most of them are probably ladies, mainly by the kinds of cars they drive. Also I have a feeling most timid drivers are female. Sorry. It’s just a feeling, not saying I’m right.

On the flip side, I think men are more likely to lay on their horns and flip you off for no apparent reason that you can figure. I think so because it happened one day. It’s happened other times, too, but at least those times I had some idea why.

I was on the turnpike a couple weeks ago, on my way to work. He was just driving along behind me in his big-ass truck and all of a sudden, “HONNNNNNNNNK!” And then he gives me the finger whilst passing me. Really dude? WTH? First of all it scared the pants off me because I had no idea it was coming. I wasn’t even aware of him until he blew his horn.

I think I might’ve flipped him off in return. Which was probably stupid. Someone like that might not be safe to anger. Sometimes I’ve been known to flip first and think second.

Some might say I’m full of piss and vinegar. Anyway I hope they do.

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