You Snooze You Lose

I only now have 15 minutes with my light and my blog.

I put on all that weight last time and was only down 0.8 last night. I ask you: what is the point?

I was so tired last night. All yesterday afternoon, too. Too much to do. From work straight to Desmond’s school. From school straight to Desmond’s PT session. Then WW. It’s too much right now.

I think we’re doing WW on Sundays again, anyway. We miss Kimmy and Deb. It’s just not the same. Even the members are different. No one wanted to speak up. We did most of the talking, and I only did because no one else was. I felt too tired to contribute.

Shouldn’t the side effects be starting to wane by now? You’d think so. But no, side effects still going strong. Did I mention how much I hate this?

I know I’m beating a dead horse. God, I hate that saying. Is there a better one? Someone ought to come up with something. Anyway, I can’t help it. Every day of this has been an uphill struggle.

Apparently it’s not recommended for depression sufferers. Gee, ya think?!

I’ve tried so hard to work against it. Maybe I’ve tried too hard, and it’s just made me even more exhausted.

Anyway, off for another day of…sponge magic. No, it’s not bad. I actually like the repetition. I’m funny that way. I’ve got my dead phones and my new, hopefully more comfortable work shoes. I’m ready.

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